• The below courses are for students who have completed at least “Prepare To Be Unprepared”, another recognised impro-specific course, or additional intermediate/advanced improvisation training. Whilst currently listed courses are sold out, additional offering are soon to be published, here 🙂
  • SOLD OUT “Of Good Character” Intermediate short course. 7 Monday evenings from July 19 – August 30 SOLD OUT
  • SOLD OUT “Game For Anything” Intermediate short course, 7 Wednesday evenings from July 14 – to August 25.
  • All courses include an optional end-of-course performance that you can take part in, so enrol early….

“OF GOOD CHARACTER” SOLD OUT, sorry – Create characters, both hilarious and dramatic, instantly, using diverse physical and verbal methods. Also grow stock characters you like, for re-use in different contexts.

7 Monday evenings from July 19 – August 30, 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, (two blocks from Canberra CBD)

Do you admire performers who can create inspiring and hilarious characters? Well, that can be you! Are you afraid that you seem to make the same characters repeatedly, and yearn for more variety in your own work? Well, worry, no more! Creating characters instantly can often be a challenge for improvisers, but in this course, you’ll learn to bring full characters to life in just seconds, and because we’ll look at a wide variety of approaches, you’re sure to find some that work perfectly for you, and you’ll be sure to create very new characters that you have never played before. 

Using techniques from clowning, physical theatre, vocal archetypes and accents, and deploying each from a variety of angles, we’ll break down character creation into simple single-offer triggers that automatically and effortlessly grow into full characters in no time at all. We’ll also re-visit and develop some of your favourite characters, so you have some that you really love ‘in stock’, to improvise with in a variety of different types of scenes.

A strong ability to characterise will spill over into improvements to all your improvising skills and confidence.

Enrolments closed for “Of Good Character”, as this course is sold out, sorry. Try “Game For Anything”, below.


“GAME FOR ANYTHING” SOLD OUT, sorry 7 Wednesday evenings from July 14 to August 25, 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, (two blocks from Canberra CBD)

Would you like to perform in this year’s short form season’s of Theatresports and Maestro with Impro ACT? Or are you just an improviser who likes playing games the best of all our activities? Well, this is the course for you! We’ll build on your fundamental knowledge and experience of games and short scenes, by increasing the variety of games you know and enjoy, as well as improving your ability and confidence to play them.

Beyond just learning the games themselves, you’ll learn the gameplay mindset that actually ensures you can potentially be playfully successful in all circumstances – even if you have never played a particular game before, or don’t really understand the rules. When you become ‘Game For Anything’, you’ll have confidence to jump in, in any situation, and you’ll ensure you feel joyful about your performing experience, every time.


*** Enrolments have now closed for both courses, but new additional options will appear here, soon , or write to