• Impro Inventors Summer Camp – attend all or part, Fri evening Jan 8, Sat Jan 9, Sun Jan 10 (includes secret showing)
  • “Laugh Out Loud (LOL)” SOLD OUT, sorry Intermediate short course, 7 Monday evenings from Feb 8 to Mar 29 (excludes Mar 8 Canberra Day)
  • “Once Upon A Time (The Art of Storytelling)” Intermediate short course, 7 Wednesday evenings from Feb 10 to Mar 24
  • All courses include an optional end-of-course perfomance that you can take part in, so enrol early….


IMPRO INVENTORS SUMMER CAMP (invent and perform a new impro format – attend all or part/s)

Fri Jan 8 – Sun Jan 10, various hours as per below, CBD workshopping with break-out social adventures elsewhere.

What a great weekend we had last year, and now it’s back! Exciting news, for those who’d like a warm summer return visit to the bush capital, or locals who are missing their impro in the long break. We’re having a Summer Inventors Camp, where, if you attend the whole event, you’ll workshop and devise together, a brand new improvised theatre format, enjoy several social events, rehearse your new show, and perform it in a secret private showing!

*It’s not exactly an intensive, though you’ll get 9 hours of impro training, tailored to participants attending, leading to the creation and performance of a new show format, and facilitated by Nick Byrne, who has devised, taught, directed, and performed numerous new formats in more than 30 countries.
*It’s not exactly a holiday, but you’ll get a Friday evening initial social option, (last year we chose a pool night, followed by karaoke, and this year will be just as fun, dependent upon the open options in Canberra that night), Canberra outdoor adventure, including swimming & BBQ, not to mention the optional Saturday secret nightlife crawl.
*Those who attended the whole thing, last year, got the best all-in experience, but you can choose what to attend, depending on your availability….

Friday Jan 8 – Meet in Civic Pub Poolroom from 7:00pm – we’ll plan the weekend ahead, play some pool, then move on to the best available evening adventure (last year was karaoke)

Saturday Jan 9 – Workshopping at Smith’s in the city from 11:00-4:00pm, learning new skills and inventing a new way to perform an impro show, then convoy to the river for a late afternoon swim and included BBQ meal, before taking on the city nightlife, in the evening, for those who are still game!

Sunday Jan 10 – Paying respect to our big Saturday, we workshop a more civilised 12:00-4:00pm at Smith’s in the city, welcoming any newcomers to the group, and teaching/rehearsing our new show format, the invention of which began on Saturday. Then, we’ll take a short break to freshen up, ready for an invitation only secret and private showing of the performance, from 5:00-6:00pm. A final drink to celebrate all we’ve done sounds like a must 🙂

  • You can attend all (recommended) or any part of the weekend, with varying prices in the Paypal menu, below.

(Workshopping, show, social event facilitation, and BBQ meal on Saturday, are all included. Travel, accom, meals other than Sat BBQ, and drinks, are not included) *Recommendations for accom for any out-of-towners are available.

Book early, as numbers are limited, here;

Impro Inventors Summer Camp
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LAUGH OUT LOUD (LOL) – SOLD OUT SORRY – see below, places still available in “Once Upon A Time”

7 Monday evenings from February 8 (no class Mar 8), 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, (two blocks from Canberra CBD)

  • Hurry for this one, as we predict it to sell-out earlier than most courses.

Laugh long, loud, and lots, during this improvisation course which is all about spontaneous humour. Between the giggles, discover why they happened and how to make them happen again and again, easily, in an endless variety of ways. You don’t need to be naturally comedic, have brilliant innate timing, or particular talents assumed to be required for stand-up, because with improvisation techniques, we discover what’s already funny about every moment, rather than the hit-and-miss ratio of joke-telling.

Simply having a laugh, every week, in good company, as a release from normal work days or the stresses of life, in the company of a great bunch of non-judgemental people, is one of the most quoted reasons for doing improvisation classes, and this is the course that specifically delivers that result, but along the way, you’ll learn how opening yourself to the joys of making new sounds, movements, producing absurd characters, using pauses and silences, and seeing the crazy potential inherent in seemingly normal situations.

Enrol here now, and know for certain there are good times ahead 🙂 SOLD OUT SORRY – places still available in “Once Upon A Time”, below.

ONCE UPON A TIME (The Art of Storytelling)

7 Wednesday evenings from February 10, 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, (two blocks from Canberra CBD)

Short and tall tales aplenty, in a course that will make you feel like you’re part of a page-turning pop-up storybook adventure. Learn what makes a great story and how to ensure a captivating narrative in your improvised theatre performances, or to keep colleagues interested in your professional presentation, and friends in love with your personal stories. 

How can an awareness of classic story structures, such as The Hero’s Journey, be deployed in scenework? How do you know if you are the heroine (protagonist) of the scene, or the opposing force (antagonist), and how do these characters contribute to the success of the narrative? A fascinating look at what makes stories really compel the listener, and how to solve the challenge of understanding narrative design, whilst remaining spontaneous and open to change – a classic improviser’s dilemma.

Enrol here now, and start a new chapter in your level of performance 🙂

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