*** Dates have been revised to reflect the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions – Yay!!!

  • The below courses are for students who have completed at least “Prepare To Be Unprepared”, another recognised impro-specific course, or additional intermediate/advanced improvisation training. Whilst currently listed courses are sold out, additional offering are soon to be published, here 🙂
  • “True Believers” Intermediate short course. 6 Monday evenings from November 1 – December 6 
  • “EPIC!” Intermediate short course, 6 Wednesday evenings from November 3 – December 8
  • All courses include an optional end-of-course performance (COVID-affected venue availability permitting) that you can take part in, so enrol early….

“TRUE BELIEVERS” – Develop genuine self-belief, in course that will prove you are more capable than you think.

6 Monday evenings from November 1 – December 6, 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, (two blocks from Canberra CBD)

Be empowered with self-belief and know, with certainty, that ‘you’ve got this’, because you absolutely do! Your general confidence in yourself on stage, and in life, will grow exponentially, in a course that will prove, each and every week, that you are as capable as anyone, and much more than you ever thought you could be.

Most of the exercises and games we learn in improvisation are quite simple and quite logical. When they are described and demonstrated, they are relatively easy to understand, and teachers will see most of the class nodding in acknowledgement that the principles make absolute sense………., so why can’t you always get up there, and improvise like a champion??

The answer is usually in the gap between logic and belief. You understand that the techniques work, but you may fail to use them well, because something makes you think they might not work for ‘you’. The thing standing in your way has nothing to do with your capabilities, but everything to do with your self-belief.

In this course, every week, you’ll experience the success of your own unsung capabilities, and learn to believe, so that next time you perform on stage, or out there in the real world, you’ll KNOW you can enjoy the same success as anyone.

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“EPIC!” – Learn to make maximum impact by going BIG, using techniques inspired by world classical theatre 

6 Wednesday evenings from November 3 to December 8, 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, (two blocks from Canberra CBD)

Time to go BIG!! A long-held improviser’s wisdom is that great performances come from making the simplest of offers, but with maximum commitment, and this class will allow you to become much more expressive; physically, poetically, and collaboratively, whilst teaching you an exciting narrative original show format.

Offered for the first time since 2017, and now updated, this ground-breaking course draws upon some of the most influential methods of world theatrical history, re-invents them for the improviser, and combines them to create a uniquely artistic and powerful style of performance.

Set the scene as an organic chorus. Tell a story like a poet. Perform a scene with the impact of a martial artist. Inspired by the Ancient Greeks, the classical Russians, and traditional Eastern performance arts, you’ll surprise yourself at what you can achieve, individually, and as a team. It’s going to be EPIC!

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