• “Games For Stage & Life” Mixed Level mini-course, 3 sessions, weekly, September 
  • “That Instant Connection” Intermediate short course, 7 Monday evenings from October 19 
  • “In Your Own Words” Intermediate short course, 7 Wednesday evenings from October 21


3 Thursday evenings from September 10, 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, (two blocks from Canberra CBD)

Whether you are just looking for fun games to play with others to improve your state of mind and social interaction, or you’re an actor or teacher looking for super-useful training exercises, or you’d like to consider playing improv on stage, this mini-course is for you. Whilst most of our courses contain a lot of fundamental skills work, this one is purely about learning and playing theatre games, so it’s sure to be constant fun times. We’ll look at games to warm-up and prepare yourself for appearing on stage, in public, or for work/personal interactions, as well as performance games for stage shows or fun with friends. Your tutor, Nick Byrne, has performed and taught improvised theatre games in over thirty countries, and can’t wait to play them with you. Enrol now, using the Paypal button below, or write to for further info.

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7 Monday evenings from October 19, 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, (two blocks from Canberra CBD)

Relationships drive stories and characters on stage, and in most of our daily interactions, too. If you pay attention to each relationship, every other aspect of an improvised theatre scene or a life narrative, will follow. It’s not magic, but it can feel that way. You can have that special instant connection with people, on and off stage, whenever you choose, if you learn what drives their interest, and add these elements to your interactions.

Combining improvised theatre skills with sociology, this short course teaches you how to say and do things that will instantly connect you to your audience, whether that be those observing you on a public stage, your scene partner, or just somebody across a dinner table.

Enrol here now, and promise to only use your new powers for good 🙂

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7 Wednesday evenings from October 21, 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, (two blocks from Canberra CBD)

Is it sometimes hard to find the words, on stage, or in social and professional settings? Or do you already love words, but would like to improve your use of language, so that you speak with the flair of a poet or skilled storyteller?

In this improvised theatre-based short course, we’ll find joy and ease in your spontaneous use of words. You’ll learn how to entrance the your audience with an instant monologue and to inspire the individuals you talk to with beautiful instant language. We’ll also revisit improvised word games, to exercise your skills and reinvent how they might usually be played.

Enrol here now, and I’ll talk to you in class 🙂

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