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  • The below courses are for students who have completed at least “Prepare To Be Unprepared”, another recognised impro-specific course, or additional intermediate/advanced improvisation training. 
  • “Let It Go!” Intermediate short course. 7 Monday evenings from Feb 7 – Mar 28 (SOLD OUT, sorry. Join “Best Scene Ever”, below)
  • “Best Scene Ever!” Intermediate short course, 7 Wednesday evenings from Feb 9 – Mar 23
  • All courses include an optional end-of-course performance that you can take part in, if you so choose, so enrol early….

“LET IT GO!” – with Ruth Pieloor. Let go of the rules and liberate your play, and secrets of the improv clown.

THIS COURSE SOLD OUT, SORRY. Please try “Best Scene Ever”, below, instead.




“Best Scene Ever!” – All about increasing your ability to create great scenes consistently. 

7 Wednesday evenings from Feb 9 – Mar 23, 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, (two blocks from Canberra CBD)

This course concentrates specifically on improving and inspiring your general scene work. Often in our courses, we concentrate on quite a specific topic, and we learn a range of fantastic ideas, but don’t get enough time to simply strengthen our fundamental requirement to produce a great scene consistently.

We’ll approach this in a number of different ways, looking at the elements of each scene that are useful to develop; environment, relationship, character, and narrative, and most importantly how to inspire your scene partners and audience to want to listen, observe, and interact with enthusiasm – that special ‘x’ factor that turns average scenes into the Best Scenes Ever!

A range of different classic templates for the platform or start of scenes will mean you never need to worry how to begin, and once your scene is off to a good start, the rest will usually follow. Then we’ll look at how what we learn applies to different performing contexts; shortform scenes, longform scenes, comedic, dramatic, game-based, and more.

Students can expect to feel confident to deliver any type of scene, and to gain more from all your future courses with more specific topics.

Let’s get those scenes happening!

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*** PLEASE DO NOT SELECT “Let It Go”, which is sold out. Places are still available in “Best Scene Ever”.


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